It only takes 48 hours for 1 in 3 children on the streets to be lured into sex slavery and trafficked.

An important key to preventing children from being trafficked is education. Through training, presentations, and putting age appropriate awareness materials in the hands of vulnerable children at public school assemblies, we are educating and empowering the children of Honduras.

Throughout 2015, the trafficking prevention education program, in partnership with The LAMB Institute, will educate 20,000 children on how to prevent themselves from being trafficked.

Here is the most powerful part of this program; not only will 20,000 children receive trafficking prevention education in 2015 but 20,000 children will be reached as we share the gospel of Jesus at every training and school assembly and provide an opportunity for every child to receive salvation. This mission is being carried out in some of the poorest communities in and outside the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Join us as we empower, educate, and give Jesus to Honduras.

20,000 children receiving trafficking prevention education. 20,000 children hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.